At Topicus, we place great value on people and the environment. From the offset, our policy on sustainability has been drawn up with the ISO 26000:2010 'Guidance for social responsibility of organisations' as the standard.


Topicus respects and upholds human rights by actively following the 'Topicus Code of Conduct'. Discrimination on the basis of age, experience, race, gender, religious belief or sexual preference is not accepted in any way or form. We strive to empower people and make life social for everyone.

Environmental guidelines

Topicus is hugely aware of environmental issues facing society today and passionately strives to make a difference. We demonstrate this by setting guidelines for employees in the areas of travel, waste separation, energy saving and paper saving, to name but a few. Every year we evaluate and adjust our protocol accordingly to make the most powerful and positive impact.

Involvement in the community

Topicus invests in the future by nurturing young talent and being positively involved in our society. We offer work experience opportunities to trainees and students, as well as the chance to graduate whilst with us. A number of our senior employees volunteer at training institutes. We are also notorious for sponsoring activities or events which improve the community we live in.

Interested in a collaboration?

We are keen to expand both our company and network. If you feel compelled to find out more about Topicus or discuss the possibilities for a collaboration, we would very much like to meet you.

Interested in how we can work together?

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Forming this new world together with our partners in various sectors is our ultimate goal. We yearn to see how things can be different and how we can remove frustrations in the current processes. Every day we diligently work towards this purpose. This is impact. Read our Whitepaper about impact.

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