Secondary education presents unique challenges for students and teachers. Students are coming into their own, developing their identity and figuring out their particular skill set. With the set of web applications and services from Somtoday, schools and most importantly teachers are well-equipped to deal with these challenges, ensuring that each individual student reaches his or her maximum potential.

Reach the maximum potential of each student
Each teacher has made a conscious decision in his or her career. The ultimate goal for a teacher is to reach the maximum potential of each student. Somtoday enables teachers to achieve this goal with the aid of advanced technology. The set of web applications and services provide insight into the development of each student, allowing the teacher to easily and effectively reach this goal.
Effective learning with the proper learning objectives at the proper level
Teachers must be able to decide for themselves how to utilise ICT in the classroom to ensure it fits with their teaching style. Simultaneously teachers need to be able to challenge every student at his or her own level and to his or her individual learning needs. Somtoday supports the school in the fields of learning, learning materials and learning administration. This allows teachers to offer individualised education, allowing for optimal development of every student.
Learning environment for personalised learning paths
The Somtoday (virtual) learning environment is a set of training and digital teaching methods, all within the same learning environment. This enables teachers to set up their digital teaching materials and follow the progress of their students. Students receive interactive assignments and instructions, and follow a personalised learning path. Teachers easily follow the progress and results within the digital environment. Teachers take more control of the teaching material, differentiate in the classroom and always ensure that each student has access to individualised education.

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