Primary & Secondary Care

Healthcare is traditionaly divided into primary and secondary care. We recognize that the traditional separation between primary care and secondary care is becoming blurred and that the care will shift from secondary care to primary care and the patient himself creating a more efficient and patient centered healthcare system.

We recognize that the traditional separation between primary care and second-line care is becoming blurred. Through better communication and collaboration opportunities as well as diagnostics and ROM in the first line, we can better spread the care, make it cheaper and bring it closer to the patient. In addition, we increasingly provide the use of blended care, whereby eHealth is combined with traditional care. With our platform we are able to fit the eHealth into the care process and make it available to the patient under the direction of a healthcare provider.

The platform has several mutually reinforcing layers that provide support to the individual general practitioner, the collaborating care providers and the regional context.

  • Facilitate practice of general practitioner, emergency posts, hospitals and mental health institutions and provide benchmarking information to improve operation.
  • We facilitate care groups in carrying out their duties as contracting parties and coordinators of care programs (chronic diseases such as Asthma, COPD, etc). The care groups are regionally oriented, overwinter groups of general practitioners and other primary care providers and act on their behalf.
  • Facilitate the region in the regional care process of referral, consultation, transfer, inspection status, diagnostics, patient care plan, triage, care planning, FTO.

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