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We optimize population studies with software, expertise and experience.

The Netherlands currently sets the international standard when it comes to automated population studies and screenings related to reproductive health. But this development did not happen overnight. The country owes its success to the high level of efficiency and precision it has been able to achieve in health screening processes in recent years. High-quality screenings like the ones conducted in the Netherlands help make society healthier and ensure better access to healthcare.

PreventUs, a Topicus platform

PreventUs supports processes within screening and prevention. Integrated population health management is our focus. Not only in the Netherlands, but worldwide. By linking software platforms, medical devices and our integrated and connected screening platform PreventUs, we are expanding healthy living worldwide. By 2030, we will screen 100 million people who have referred patients to the right healthcare professionals and contributed to a healthy population around the world.

The screening platform PreventUs has been developed for the screening of breast cancer, colorectal cancer and cervical cancer and also for screening on infectious diseases, currently tuberculosis (TB) and Covid-19. Our workflow software supports screening processes with a maximum degree of automation and is fully prepared to support other screening programs such as lung cancer and prostate cancer screening, as well as screening for infectious diseases other than TB and Covid-19.

As a consulting partner, Topicus supports various countries with the introduction or optimization of screening programmes. For example, Georgia (breast cancer screening), Romania (cervical cancer screening) and Montenegro (bowel cancer screening) are supported in improving their screening programs.

Multi-screening with PreventUs

  • Leveraging from opportunistic screening to a programmatic approach
  • High quality client oriented central database, covering all parts of the screening
  • Scale up from pilot to region or nation
  • Easy implementing programs for screening of infectious diseases and non-communicable diseases
  • Reliability, full insights and control
  • Standardized approach, easy evaluation and benchmarking

Why Topicus?

Reasons why healthcare providers choose our Topicus platform to support their screening processes:

  • The best project-based approach
  • Strong collaboration model
  • Extensive expertise on screening programs
  • The best custom-built software
  • All for a fair price

We are proud to be able to support Dutch and international public health initiatives with our innovative software, expertise and experience.

Partnership as a way of working

Long-term partnerships are very important to us. And that means working closely with our clients, supply-chain partners, expertise centers and universities to develop our solutions and innovations. We provide added value at every stage of the project. Yet our experience teaches us that when we sit down and exchange ideas with our clients as early in the process as possible, this ultimately leads to lower costs and the best results. If you reach the right agreements, this doesn’t have to be an expensive investment. On the contrary, it is an investment that pays for itself. By now, we have accumulated so much expertise and experience that institutions like Erasmus MC are asking us to contribute to their projects.

How can we make our approach work for you?

  1. Mapping out what you need
  2. Creating custom-built software 
  3. Continual innovation

Mapping out what you need

We know how difficult it is to decide the best place to start automating. After all, how exactly do you transform a process into an automated process? And are you sure you’ll always achieve the same results in the end?

We guide your organization one step at a time and help you make the right choices from the very beginning stages onward. We show you what the outcomes of each of your various options would look like. This helps you make the right choices and ensures an efficient approach going forward. It also makes it possible to develop a solid action plan. This allows us to deliver everything on time and within budget.

Working alongside your organization, we start by analyzing your current screening process and what you would like to achieve, from the initial invitation, to the examination and even to the follow-up examination. We identify where you can achieve the greatest benefits in terms of time and money, both in the short term and in the long term. 

After that, we formulate one or more solutions, based on our expertise and experience with the latest (connected) technologies. We help you decide which area of your screening process to automate first. This ensures that you generate the maximum benefit for your investment. It also provides you with a basis for making solid strategic and tactical choices. 

The result is a well-organized approach in which we work together to achieve the best process automation possible. This provides your organization with the efficiency that it needs. It also ensures that your patients are more engaged in the screening process.

Custom-built software

Once we’ve got a clear action plan, it’s time to get started. We develop the software solution you need and guide you step by step through the process, also making sure that the right stakeholders are involved at every stage. We use a combination of trusted PreventUs modules and custom-built solutions, also integrating software and hardware created by our partner suppliers. This is how we have succeeded in optimizing population studies on cervical cancer, intestinal cancer and breast cancer in the Netherlands. And our digital software and integrations also provide highly efficient support for processes related to prenatal screening. 

Continual innovation together

Cancer and reproductive health are areas of intensive research, in which screenings are widely used. These studies result in recommendations issued by institutions such as expertise centers. Our consultants work closely with a vast network of specialists and research institutes and regularly attend conferences to remain up to date on the latest developments in the field. We also keep a close watch on the newest IT innovations within our areas of expertise at Topicus: healthcare, social services, education and finance. This is part of what makes us such a valuable partner when it comes to translating policy recommendations into work processes and ICT solutions. We apply technology and agile thinking from the very beginning of developing a solution, not just in the final stages. That’s how we continue to innovate together, so we can offer healthcare professionals and the public the best possible screening experience.


Please get in touch if you would like to find out more about Topicus Health Screenings and discuss the possibilities for collaboration. We look forward to meeting you!

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