About connected banking

In our vision financial stakeholders work together on a platform that provides a common workspace in order to find and execute the best possible financing solutions for consumers and entrepreneurs. This connected banking platform caters for all financial advisory and services needs on savings, investments, mortgages, business lending, pensions and wealth management. It empowers customers and knowledge workers, it will engage consumers and the community and it delivers operational excellence.

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Our platforms

Business Lending

Entrepreneurs who are looking for financing often have a long road ahead of them. The road from idea to investment is faster, more efficient and above all easier with Topicus solutions. We streamline complex financial processes for all parties. From drafting financing requests from entrepreneurs and consultants to the assessment and provision of financing, everything can be simplified by means of software.


Wealth Management

Wealth management can be a complex subject for many people. We simplify this problem and make it manageable for everyone. With the solutions from Topicus, saving and investing becomes transparent and clear. Our mission is for people to get more out of their capital. Thanks to our latest technology, one can be alert and respond to changes at lightning speed.

Topicus Pension and Wealth platform


Every person yearns of being able to buy and finance a dream home swiftly and hassle-free. We ensure the consumer goes through this process as smoothly as possible. We have meticulously thought about each part and ensure the consumer is provided with relevant information at the right time. There is always the opportunity to let an adviser join in. Funding the mortgage against the best price and as easy as possible. As well as realizing material efficiencies and net promotion increases for providers and funders.

Findesk & FORCE

Whitepaper: Impact through IT

If you would like to find out more about the impact of Topicus after reading our whitepaper , we would very much like to meet you.

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Read the whitepaper about impact

Forming this new world together with our partners in various sectors is our ultimate goal. We yearn to see how things can be different and how we can remove frustrations in the current processes. Every day we diligently work towards this purpose. This is impact. Read our Whitepaper about impact.

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Whitepaper: Impact through IT

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