Screening & Prevention

Preventing and early identification of health problems can make an important contribution to the health of the population and limitation of future healthcare consumption and thus costs. An efficient process is required for the size of the population and where possible executed by the clients themselves. Our strategy is to make the screening processes more efficient with better cooperation, automation, client involvement and the use of diagnostics innovations.

The Netherlands is a pioneer in population screening and prevention programs, which are nationally funded and governed by the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM). The Dutch RIVM is well acknowledged internationally and is world-leading with publications on cancer screening in the international prevention network. We facilitate the Government with ICT for colon cancer (4,3 million citizens), cervical cancer (5,6 million citizens) and breast cancer, prenatal screening for down, Edwards and Patau syndromes (930,000 pregnant women) and TBC screening (3 million citizens).

Youth healthcare in the Netherlands is aimed at promoting, protecting and safeguarding health, growth and physical and mental development of children and young people (0-18 years): disease prevention. At the moment we are facilitating more than 1.5 million active child cases in youth health care, which is nearly 50% of all children in the Netherlands in the age group 0-18 years and more than 225,000 cases to parents/caregivers.

Public Private Partnership

We are proud to contribute to the creation of the screening platform, ScreenIT, commissioned by FSB (National Screening Cooperation) and RIVM (The Dutch National Institute for Public Health and the Environment). ScreenIT provides shared client health records over multiple cancer screening programs. The screening platform provides care providers and laboratories with operational excellence, effective planning and logistics and timely information. The platform identifies, for example, bottlenecks in the process and measures and improves the effectiveness of screening programs continuously. 

Higher quality of life

Dutch population surveys are highly regarded internationally. We are proud that Topicus contributes to this high level because we want people to have a high quality of life as long as possible. Our advanced software facilitates the prevention process in the Netherlands on a large scale. We are co-director of the solutions in this area. As a result, we have been able to contribute to the reduction in mortality and in cost savings in the field of healthcare.

Efficient and complete process

With the screening software, healthcare providers and laboratories work efficiently. They have accurate planning and logistics, as well as complete and timely information. We are able to cleverly identify bottlenecks in the process and measure and improve the effectiveness of screenings. The processes are organised around the patient, where they can take control independently via their own portal. In addition, we ensure caregivers have relevant data at the right time to make decisions, for example the X-rays for a radiologist. 

Automated process steps

The same steps usually apply for each screening programme. We have accurately automated these in our software. This includes inviting people for research, receiving automated test results from chain partners and informing them about the results. We set up our software specifically for each population screening and we also take care of the connection to the systems of all institutions involved.

Screening software identifies bottlenecks in the process and measures and improves the effectiveness of screenings by science. With Screening software a streamlined and effective process is created, which benefits everyone.

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