We all want tailor-made education in which the skills and interests of each student are central. The digital classroom assistant ParnasSys helps teachers with this to ensure they have more time to focus on what education is all about: the students.

Personalization is paramount
Every child is unique and learns at their own pace. It is essential for all children to have the opportunity to develop to the best of their ability. This requires customised education with the skills and interests of each student being the point of focus. The digital class assistant ParnasSys superbly helps with this to ensure the teacher has the crucial time to focus on what it's all about: the students.
Smart solutions, tips and tricks
The digital class assistant highlights the development of each student, group and school. This gives teachers a much-needed overview and essential insight. ParnasSys assists teachers to work, communicate, follow and steer students in a more effective way to get the best out of each child and save invaluable time. All this is accomplished through smart solutions and tricks.
A platform that empowers, engages and lets you excel
ParnasSys lowers the workload. Teachers only register the necessary information. All the essential information is in one place, as it is linked to other systems which includes various educational publishers, secondary education and the Education Agency of the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science. Most importantly information is easy to exchange in a totally secure setting.

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