Through this acquisition, both parties are expecting to improve emergency healthcare in the Netherlands with better coordination of emergency care and transferring important patient information at crucial moments. AmbuSuite is a technology platform for the registration of ambulance healthcare, process management, reports and advance announcements to the emergency department in a large part of the country. The takeover of AmbuSuite by Topicus makes the connection of the ambulance healthcare with other healthcare providers in the region more efficient. Director Hugo Brand of Topicus Healthcare division comments, “This connection is desperately needed as there is more requested from the control rooms, who coordinate the care demand and the ambulance staff who provide the mobile healthcare. To do this properly, they need quick access to patient information and be able to make easy contact with partners in the chain”.

By linking AmbuSuite with the regional health platform of Topicus, the teams involved will make this information exchange possible. According to Brand, “The ambulance staff will soon have access to allergies, medication use and the care arrangements the patient has made with his GP, such as a non-resuscitation policy. The transfer between the doctor, general practice, control room, ambulance and first aiders will also be streamlined”.

It is expected that healthcare providers will see the initial benefits of this acquisition before the summer. The daily management of AmbuSuite remains in the hands of director Jeen Beckers.