With its EuroPort+ platform, Topicus has a highly efficient cloud solution for investing and saving. For the so-called remunerations of a number of tax savings products which are administered with EuroPort+, gross net calculations and accompanying tax statements and declarations are generated. There are currently tens of thousands of calculations per month. The parties expect these numbers to increase further.

Andy Verstelle explains, "We are proud Topicus entrusts us with this important task, which is confirmation that our payroll engine is top of its class. Together with an innovative party such as Topicus, we can greatly reduce the execution processes and costs for administrative organizations of financial products”.

Alex Timmermans concludes, “We opted for HR2day because they have a scalable solution and were able to connect with our far-reaching automated processes. Punctual net payments and repayments fit in with the good end customer experience offered by EuroPort+ savings banks. HR2day is a party who - just like us – go all out to make processes faster and better, using advanced cloud technology”.

About HR2day

HR2day is the integrated HR and salary solution for the employer of today and tomorrow. It is available via the Salesforce platform and is 100% cloud. Hundreds of (medium) large employers support their employees, managers and professionals in their daily HR processes and transactions with the help of HR2day. From annual leave, omission and salary up to and including performance and competency management. Naturally with workflow and ESS/MSS. HR2day also links smartly and purposefully with software from other parties. HR2day is the ideal internet solution in the field of staff management. For more information about HR2day please visit https://www.hr2day.com.