“Topicus KeyHub is already active with some DHPA participants. Given the expertise of this party, I think it will not end here”, comments Ruud Alaerds, director of the hosting association. “The KeyHub solution is unique and combines ease of use with the necessary stringent security measures. In regards to the access of applications and systems, speed of action is often essential, but does not automatically go hand-in-hand with safety. Topicus KeyHub has become highly specialized in this area and is very much a welcome addition to the DHPA network”.

The Topicus KeyHub solutions provide central authentication and decentralized authorization. Central access management is often complex and slow; it can take considerable time for an employee to gain access to the right applications and systems. For this reason, passwords are often shared amongst employees, which makes management difficult. Topicus KeyHub offers a solution to these problems.

Martijn Maatman, responsible for Topicus KeyHub explains, “The DHPA is an ideal partner for us in our quest for a safer and more conscious world. Cloud and hosting providers have a responsibility to ensure this and the professionalism, quality and transparency that DHPA strives for is in line with our ambition to make digital security a core value. The knowledge and experience of DHPA and its partners are of great value in creating a mix between digital security and easy access. DHPA strives for innovation which fits well with the approach of Topicus KeyHub”.

About DHPA

The Foundation DHPA represents, with more than 30 market leading participants and a few dozen A-brand suppliers of technology and services, the top segment of the Dutch cloud and hosting industry. DHPA participants distinguish themselves through professionalism, quality and attention to information security. Together they account for a significant part of managed hosting revenue in the Netherlands. For an overview of partners and participants, you can view: https://www.dhpa.nl/. DHPA sets the tone with its professional, honest and ethical code of conduct. When it comes to delivering high-quality services, DHPA participants form a perfect example to the entire online sector.

The DHPA is the leading contact point of the Dutch cloud and hosting sector to suppliers, media, education, government and politics, as well as founder and active participant in the umbrella organization DINL (Digital Infrastructure Netherlands, www.dinl.nl), which is committed to the interests of the entire Dutch Digital Infrastructure.