“The market-leading software from Able in retail asset management fits perfectly with Topicus strategy to enable our clients to empower their financial services customer. In addition, Topicus provides further integration of wealth accumulation, lending and pensions”.

Accelerate ambitions to expand

Able's cloud-based platform is known in the market as the most complete platform in the field of retail asset management. Topicus sees Able as a crucial link in its total proposition. With this proposition, Topicus expects to be able to realise even faster its ambitions to expand in the Netherlands and abroad. “We expect to have an innovative, successful future with Able and their talented employees within the Topicus group”.

A stronger position for the end user 

During the takeover talks, it came apparent that Able had an advanced platform in the area of ​​asset management: fund and stock market investing and savings. The architecture of this fits well with the existing financial platform of Topicus, which establishes direct online links between supply and demand for financial products. "Simplicity, accessibility, speed, as well as thinking out-of-the-box and doing things differently are all new key concepts when offering financial products. With this, our customers will put the end user, from entrepreneur to consumer, in a stronger position".

Own bank in the pocket 

"I am convinced that robotic transaction processes will be commonplace in two years, whereby the consumer or entrepreneur has their own bank in their pocket. With the acquisition of Able, Topicus is ahead of the game in this aspect. We want to offer the most customer-centric platform for a range of financial services and products, including for investors and savers", explains Dijkhuizen.