From the next school year, publishers affiliated with TOEGANG.ORG will be able to use this service which ensures schools and their students can access the course material in a timely manner and use it during the lessons. This is not the case at present, which has many consequences.

An increasing number of schools use digital learning resources. The teaching material is easy to use, fits well with current affairs and can often be customized for the individual student. “Reliable access to new innovative digital learning resources from publishing houses ensures that the course material can be used during the lessons”, according to Irene van Bruggen co-founder of TOEGANG.ORG.

This applies to online content for learning materials from both large and small publishing houses. Smaller specialized publishing houses in particular develop innovative teaching materials that are valuable for schools. It is however costly and difficult for them to make online content in the educational chain reliably accessible.

Based on in-depth knowledge and experience, Topicus has developed new software that guarantees accessibility in accordance with the chain standards (ECK) to ensure it no longer causes problems at schools. TOEGANG.ORG provides the service to schools to ensure100% accessibility in practice.

Better, simple and standardized access to new digital content will undoubtedly lead to the development of more innovative learning resources and offers opportunities for new entrants. Van Bruggen explains, “This development certainly offers opportunities to many parties in the market. Publishers can therefore focus on what they are good at: the content and didactic quality”.

TOEGANG.ORG is available prior to the new school year 2018-2019. The product was developed by Topicus in collaboration with Pair Education.