This makes the Parnassia Group the first mental healthcare organization in the Netherlands that meets the needs of GPs to gain direct insight into the status of their patients.

Direct feedback to the GP

With the development of the Parnassia Group portal, an important and innovative step has been taken towards the provision of better information about patients of the general practitioner who also have treatment with one of Parnassia Group's healthcare brands. With this direct online link in HIS, the general practitioner has insight into the status of the treatment of his/her patient.

In addition, the GP can use the Parnassia Group portal to view who is the direct therapist of his/her patient and have their contact details. This offers the GP direct consultation with the practitioner involved. The Parnassia Group portal offers transparency with the aim to improve the mental healthcare for patients together with the general practitioner. If patients have indicated they do not want the GP informed, their wishes are of course respected.

Barbara den Doelder, a general practitioner explains, “The Parnassia Group portal promotes collaboration between GPs and mental healthcare providers. I know the status of my patients in Parnassia Group through the insight of HIS and I can reach the practitioner directly”.

Parnassia Group portal

The Parnassia Group portal is a VIPLive application and is connected to general practitioner information systems (HISSEN) which general practitioners use on a daily basis. Because of a direct and secure link between the GP information systems and the Parnassia Group portal, access to patient information has been simplified and the number of actions and login barriers has been greatly reduced. The threshold to actually use the Parnassia Group portal is therefore reduced. The Parnassia Group portal offers the following services:

  • patient status: information about the status of the treatment and the therapist involved. This means that a status bar displays when a patient is referred and registered, when the intake has taken place and when the treatment has started.
  • consultation: requesting collegial consultation and consultation with a psychiatrist (from July 2017).
  • referral information: referring and registering a patient.
  • practical information: an overview of its own type of references to Parnassia Group: Basic mental healthcare, Specialist mental healthcare, clinical picture, demographic data.

During this year we will extend the functionalities of the Parnassia Group portal. The additional features will consist of e-health (explaining and requesting e-health modules), prevention (overview prevention workshops, training courses and requests for prevention for the own general practice) and pharmacological information.

Connection first and second line

Via the Parnassia Group portal, processes and systems are connected. The Parnassia Group practitioners can exchange information with GPs in a simple and secure manner and vice versa. This more efficient way of working ensures a smooth interaction between GPs and specialists. After all, the collaboration between general practitioners and specialists is essential for excellent and efficient healthcare.

Currently, 100 GPs are connected to the Parnassia Group portal. We expect 800 GPs to have access by the end of this year. The Parnassia Group portal has been developed in collaboration with Calculus and will be made available to all GP practices.

Marc Blom, member of the Executive Board and a psychiatrist adds, 'We realize that mental health care is often perceived as a black-box. With the Parnassia Group portal, we are transparent about our patient care. Together with the general practitioner, we are noticeably improving”.

Bron: Parnassia Group