The renowned foot care center in the Netherlands ‘Voetencentrum Wender’ has teamed up with IT service provider Topicus to develop the new VIP App, which is a new eHealth solution for diabetic foot care. Pedicurists can take photos of the feet at every consultation via the VIP App and forward them to the podiatrist. They are able to report a problem easily with the use of an 'emergency button', which requests extra monitoring by a therapist or even medical help. The podiatrist is able to assess the photos and can immediately take action if necessary. For example, potential abnormalities can be treated at an early stage and infections and complications can be prevented.

An improved collaboration

Pedicurists play a central role in the new eHealth solution platform VIP. “They see patients on a regular basis and can prevent calluses or bunions from becoming infected prematurely. This app ensures a more direct contact between pedicurists and the podiatrist. A pedicurist can take photos and give a basic diagnosis. After which, our therapists receive a notification, which means they can intervene immediately after assessment. This automatically creates a well-organized file which means a patient’s development can be easily tracked. This new functionality works efficiently and provides better care for the patient", emphasizes Michel Boerrigter, Director of Patient Care at Voetencentrum Wender.

About Voetencentrum Wender

Voetencentrum Wender is a specialist in the field of foot care. With 750 pedicurists and 65 podiatrists in 190 locations throughout the Netherlands, they are the main point of contact for thousands of patients with foot problems. Attention, knowledge, entrepreneurial drive and innovation are in the DNA of the organization. The VIP App will take foot care to a higher and future-proof level.