Jungo is a start-up from IT service provider Topicus. The company was founded to make alternative financing the norm. It ensures that consumers can benefit from the returns investors make on mortgages, as well as providing the capital for a mortgage. It also guarantees a healthy return on the investment for the investors. Providing a platform where supply and demand can find each other and mortgages can be provided is the dream scenario.


Jungo promises transparency and absence of small print, but there are still some conditions. For example, a maximum of 20% of a mortgage can be crowd-funded and this is only after a mortgage has been guaranteed. For the provision of the mortgages, Jungo works together with the recognized company Aegon.

"In the past few years we have worked hard to make our mortgages simple and trustworthy. It really must be a win-win mortgage: where the home buyer and the investors both benefit,” says co-founder Vincent van den Noort of Jungo. According to Van den Noort new mortgage advisers are being connected on a daily basis, as he explains, "We work with consultants who understand that a new mortgage is needed for a new generation. At this moment, we roll out new mortgage advisers every day who think the same as us. However, it is not just about innovating: we are also the cheapest mortgage in terms of overall costs with fixed interest rates for 20 and 30 years”.

Satisfied consumer association

The Consumers Association performed research into the crowd-funding mortgage. It concluded that it was “a carefully put together concept” which “could well be a success”.

"We are of course very pleased with these results", reveals co-founder Vincent van den Noort.