GPs are unable to rid the elderly

More and more elderly people are visiting the GP. These people are helped professionally and with care, but they put pressure on the capacity of the GP clinic. Topicus has analyzed available data from a number of GPs to gain insight into the reason for the extra pressure on GP clinics. This analysis was discussed on 17 May during an inspirational meeting with directors of general practices. The analysis showed, among other things, that the average consultation time is higher for the elderly (aged 80+) than other age groups. In addition, these older people often need an (temporary) admission to different care institutions than other age groups. The time involved to arrange these admissions also increases. Finding an available bed at a healthcare facility in the region is difficult, which means many organizations have to be contacted as few have beds available. This takes a lot of time and effort for the GP or assistant on top of the already increasing workload.

Solutions at your fingertips

It is clear there is room for improvement. At Topicus we are actively working with our clients and other stakeholders within the regional healthcare chain to translate data into information and insight. From this, we will work on solutions for these and other current issues in the regional care process. This also applies to the vulnerable elderly at the GP clinic. With small, short-term solutions you can directly contribute to the quality of care for this group. There are many good solutions, but these cost time. This forces the field to see which solutions can be realized in the short term to ensure the initial focus will be there.

Insight into beds first-line accommodation

A feasible solution for vulnerable elderly people at the GP clinic is to map the beds for first-line accommodation (FLA). With a simple app, care institutions with FLA-beds can indicate whether they have beds available or not by the push of a button. These statuses of the regional care institutions can be made known without complex systems on one single screen which is accessible for the practitioners. This means one overview of beds available for temporary accommodation in the region. The practitioner can directly call the institution which has a bed available for a patient. A win-win situation. On the one hand, it saves the practitioner time. On the other hand, it stops care institutions being called constantly even though there is no place available. Additionally, it is of course interesting for them that practitioners know they have beds available.

At Topicus we are working on this idea and have discussed this solution during the inspiration meeting with managers of GPs. The idea was received with enthusiasm and is refined. At this moment, we are looking to further develop this in collaboration with those involved. Do you work at a GP clinic or care institution and would you like to consider this for your region? Please let us know!!