The new contract is an important extension to the collaboration between ING and Able which began in 2009. In 2018 EuroPort+ will be suitable for use in Belgium by adding modules that comply with Belgian laws, regulations and taxation. As a result, EuroPort+ will be able to process and administer the banking products used in Belgium. The Dutch and Belgian customers will mostly be served via one joint bank platform. The necessary extensions to the standard software of Able have been financed by ING and Able/Topicus.

This is an important step for ING to fulfill the objective of migrating globally to a single digital banking platform.

The contract ensures that Able will be able to serve banking customers outside the Netherlands soon. Able was acquired by Topicus in October 2017. With this acquisition, the Fintech division of Topicus has grown to include 450 employees and has achieved a scale that enables expansion to markets outside the Netherlands. Initially these will be Belgium and Luxembourg.