ICT service provider Topicus and software provider NETQ Healthcare are convinced that data analysis and reporting for a patient can also be leading. To be able to achieve this for a patient, Topicus has taken a majority interest in NETQ Healthcare. The starting point of this collaboration between Topicus and NETQ Healthcare is to provide better and more accessible healthcare using technology in existing healthcare domains. This allows the organizations to improve the quality of life for millions of patients. Through data analysis and reporting they can better visualize health effects and provide systematic insight into patient experiences. "By bringing together data and knowledge, we strive to provide the best healthcare for patients in the areas in which we are already active. From now on, they obtain insight into their care file via data from feedback reports, apps and wearables”, explains Topicus Healthcare Director Hugo Brand.

Future vision

The active involvement of the patients during and after the healthcare process is the guiding principle. That is why it is important to obtain data and insights on an individual level about their mental problem or illness, followed by the options for their care process. "Self-management and self-reliance now play a crucial role in our healthcare. It is also important the environment, from family to other concerned healthcare institutions, have these reports. In this new construction, we will actually offer better and more accessible healthcare and facilitate shared-decision making", reveals Ronald Zwartkruis - the new director of NETQ Healthcare.


Self-reliance for patients is always arranged in a way which allows them to make the best choices themselves. "Even when it comes to gripping and complicated care decisions, the lives of patients can be tailored to their specific care needs. This is possible with self-assessment, after obtaining all data analysis. Then we really focus on the patient”, concludes Hugo Brand.

About Topicus

Topicus strives to improve healthcare by improving cooperation and knowledge exchange with partners, healthcare providers and clients. With their solutions, they support traditional and new care, contribute to the efficiency of care processes and are able to optimally incorporate the client into the care process. In addition to care, Topicus is active in education, municipal, financial and legal markets.

About NETQ Healthcare

NETQ Healthcare was founded 2008 and specializes in the development of monitoring software programs for healthcare. More than 30,000 healthcare professionals work with the online client tracking system which monitors more than 310,000 clients. Our mission is to monitor 1,000,000 people by 2025 for a better insight for both the healthcare provider and the client. As a professional and effective service provider, NETQ Healthcare is the market leader in mental healthcare and a leading player in the field of outcome monitoring in healthcare.