Less work being handled manually

Before the implementation, paper files were still used on both islands. All information regarding the health of children was written down manually on paper. In addition, all follow-up work (such as referral letters, writing reports, providing information to RIVM) were still being done manually. Now there is less work being handled manually due to digitization. The professionals register everything digitally, which means they ‘always’ have all files to hand (provided they have a laptop with them). This means if they need specific information, they no longer have to dive into a filing cabinet to search for the file in question. The chance of files literally ‘going missing’, due to a hurricane or storm for example, will no long be a worry. In addition, the registration process will become more uniform and less prone to error. Information will be much easier to find and new information can be recorded much more efficiently. An additional benefit should be less waiting time for parents and children during their visit to the JGZ (youth healthcare center).

Differences with the Netherlands

During the process, Topicus has discovered how important it is to take into consideration the differences between the Netherlands and these islands. In the Netherlands, for example, pediatricians often write a referral letter for a child to be referred to a GP. In practice, this is unlikely to happen on these islands because the pediatrician and GP are often the same person. This is no surprise as there is significantly fewer people on the islands. Together the islands have a population of 5,000 in comparison to the 17 million in the Netherlands. Another difference is that there is only one dentist and only a few schools on the islands. About fifty children are born each year on the two islands, which means the caregivers know each child individually. In comparison, about five thousand children are born on an annual basis at an average Dutch institution.


Last Friday, KD+ successfully went live on Saba. Due to the rapid developments surrounding the corona virus, going live on St. Eustatius has been postponed temporarily. However we are confident KD+ will also be used successfully on St. Eustatius in the foreseeable future!