We strive for all students to have happy memories, like Emma. To ensure they get every opportunity to reach their full potential with the aid of attentive and dedicated teachers. To have learnt that anything is possible if you set your mind to it. An ideal image? Absolutely. Utopia? Certainly not.

More insight, less workload

We can cleverly use modern technology to provide schools with different insights into the performance and needs of students whilst at the same time drastically reducing the workload of the teachers.

Digital teaching software recognises when a student needs more time to answer a question and can ascertain a students strengths and weaknesses. In addition, it recognises the level a student should be working at and automatically adapts to this level.

Teachers receive an overview of the performance, development and needs of their students. Instead of having to spend time marking books, the teachers have a direct insight into the learning needs, development and talents of every student in the classroom. This enables them to stimulate individual development by offering appropriate material at the right time and in the right manner.

This is exactly what happened to Emma when she wanted to fulfil her dream to become a pilot. She was given extra lessons in mathematics and physics because the teachers recognised she excelled in these subjects. Furthermore, to increase her stress resistance as a future pilot, she was given interactive exercises to improve her ability to make the right decisions under high pressure.

A better education system

The possibilities with technology are endless. We believe it is our duty to use technology to ensure children can develop to their full potential and achieve the best to their ability. This is why we have collaborated with educational publishers and distributors to provide schools with the required digital resources.

In the classroom we offer teachers insight into students progress and we minimise the teachers workload. Students receive tailor-made education and have an important role in their own development through interactive systems. Furthermore, our systems support the operational management of schools, which means financial resources and administration is more effective and efficient.