Jungo is an online platform which allows the general public to invest directly in individual Dutch mortgages. Using intelligent technology, Jungo connects supply and demand, which is advantageous for the home buyer and the investor. The crowd-investors provide home buyers with a competitive mortgage, whilst generating a healthy return. This is an absolute win-win situation for the so-called ‘people-to-people’ mortgage from Jungo.

The best of both worlds

Due to its alliance with IT partner and shareholder Topicus, Jungo already has an advantage with access to innovative technology and expertise. On top of that, they have recently secured Aegon as a strategic partner, who has an excellent reputation, insightful knowledge and experience in the financial world. Aegon focuses on innovation in the field of mortgages. This collaboration with Jungo means private investors can now invest in mortgages.

Vincent van den Noort, the co-founder of Jungo, proudly reveals the advantages of the partnership with Aegon, "It gives confidence and is confirmation that we have established something unique in the mortgage market. With Aegon on board, we can grow even quicker and further develop our platform. Furthermore, Aegon has valuable knowledge and experience, which we would very much like to utilize and take advantage of. We look forward to a successful collaboration”.

About Jungo

Jungo is the first truly innovative mortgage provider which enables private investors to invest in Dutch mortgages. Jungo is an initiative of IT company Topicus and was founded in 2015. In 2016 Jungo received a permit from the AFM for the people-to-people mortgage. For more information visit https://www.jungo.nl.