About connected healthcare

In order to break the fragmentation cycle in healthcare, we recognize the need to 1) involve the patient in their own care process with blended care and smart technology; 2) optimize collaboration between healthcare professionals and the patient; and to 3) focus on the quality and value of the delivered care and maximize transparency in financing. With our unique common workspace approach, we strive to contribute towards a (better) balanced healthcare system via the Topicus Connected Healthcare Platform.

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Our platforms

Screening & Prevention

Preventing and early identification of health problems can make an important contribution to the health of the population and limitation of healthcare costs. An efficient process is required for the size of the population, which is executed by the clients themselves. Our strategy is to make the screening processes more efficient with better cooperation, automation, client involvement and the use of diagnostics innovations.

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Primary & Secondary Care

A central role in the healthcare system is provided by the general practitioner (5,000 practices). This professional is connecting healthcare care in the position of gatekeeper (24h a day), referrer and EHR holder because every citizen has a dossier with their general practitioner.

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Healthcare Funding

The cost of healthcare in the Netherlands amounts to 95 billion euros annually or 14% of GDP. These costs increase annually, which coincides with international trend. Important reasons for the rising costs are population growth, population aging, medical-technological developments and an increase in prosperity.

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Whitepaper: Impact through IT

If you would like to find out more about the impact of Topicus after reading our whitepaper , we would very much like to meet you.

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Forming this new world together with our partners in various sectors is our ultimate goal. We yearn to see how things can be different and how we can remove frustrations in the current processes. Every day we diligently work towards this purpose. This is impact. Read our Whitepaper about impact.

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Whitepaper: Impact through IT

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