Findesk & FORCE

Findesk provides for a horizontal consumer-centric financial advice platform. It empowers both advisors and consumers in composing the best-fit for their home funding needs, which is in real-time and data driven. FORCE is the market leading platform for origination and servicing of mortgage loans. FORCE delivers significant Total Cost of Ownership reductions and Net Promotor Score increases: customer intimacy and operational excellence do go hand-in-hand.


Advise instead of register
Mortgage advisers want to spend their time advising clients. They want to offer value added incentives to contribute to the ‘joie de vivre’ of customers. This is why Findesk was created. Findesk makes advice better and more personal. The system ensures the mortgage adviser can focus on the best mortgage advice instead of the administration of the customer's data.

A clear advice report
We make complex financial processes easy for the customer in order to give the adviser more time to properly help the customer. With Findesk every mortgage adviser creates a step-by-step clear advisory report, in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. Most importantly, it is crystal clear and plainly written.

Complete set of tools
Findesk is a complete set of tools for mortgage advisers. Customers can enter personal details in their own account in advance. This helps the adviser remarkably, as he/she is fully prepared for the first meeting with the customer. The Findesk advice software can also be linked to Findesk CRM. With this the adviser can easily form a complete file per customer. The system automatically signals when a customer can use advice about a specific process component.


Market leading multi-tenant connected mortgage platform
FORCE is the market leading mortgage software platform for loan origination and servicing. Large financial institutions have optimized their loan origination operation with FORCE and the largest Dutch independent third party servicer is using our platform for their clients as well.

Continuous development: a quadruple purpose

Topicus is continuously investing in the platform and its architecture:

- Accelerating customer self-service and customer empowerment.

- API (Application Programming Interface) management for seamless integration with third parties.

- Using articifial intelligence and machine learning to optimize the internal operation.

- Introducing a international multi-tenant SaaS (Software as a Service) platform in order to offer mortgage lenders a one stop shop standardized platform for running the mortgage operation: the mortgage bank-in-a-box.

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