Connected education

Topicus is constructing a generic common workspace engine to create a new cutting-edge connected learning platform®: The Topicus connected learning platform, COBRA.

In our vision stakeholders work together on a platform that provides a common workspace in order to optimize learning outcomes for students in the various levels of education. The relevant stakeholders are:

  • Teachers
  • Students
  • Management of the entity (primary schools, secondary schools, higher vocational colleges, universities)
  • The government in the role of funder and regulator
  • The publishers as providers of educational content
  • The platform provider (Topicus) delivering learning analytics, student administration, budgeting, funding/cost management and operating optimization

This extraordinary education platform will deliver teacher empowerment, parent and student engagement and both operational and financial excellence. Topicus provides the required advanced technology, such as domain-API’s, calculators and portal technology to enable a diversified user experience for our customers in the educational sector.

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Forming this new world together with our partners in various sectors is our ultimate goal. We yearn to see how things can be different and how we can remove frustrations in the current processes. Every day we diligently work towards this purpose. This is impact. Read our Whitepaper about impact.

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